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Chris Riche - Music Teacher

Chris Riche on stage with the band "Big Happy" at the 2001 Bite of Seattle.

I am known for being a joyful and encouraging music teacher.

I love to celebrate my students' successes. 

Music instruction is about teaching skills, but it's even more about growing a love of music that can last a lifetime. As a good listener, I get to know what’s most important to my students so I can help them find their musical happy place and gain confidence while they build their skills. 

Music is fun and I want lessons to be fun, too!

About My Music Lessons

WHO do I teach?

I accept students of all ages and abilities, from raw beginners to advanced musicians looking to work on a specific skill. 

Styles and Genres

I also teach all styles and genres,
from rock, heavy metal, and blues
to classical music and jazz. 

 Over the years, I’ve had several students excel beyond my own abilities and that is one of my favorite joys as a teacher. (Maybe you’ll be next? Call and we’ll schedule an introductory lesson!) 

HOW do I teach?

After more than 20 years as a full-time teacher, I’ve learned there isn't one “right way” to teach music. There are many different approaches and I am comfortable blending them to help my students reach their goals. 

Student preference determines our approach. Some students prefer a traditional approach, with an early focus on learning to read music. But that's not the only way to learn; you don’t have to be able to read music in order to play and enjoy it. I’ve had many students who learn better with lessons that start with music theory and build toward a play-it-by-ear style. Others prefer to learn songs by memorizing melodies and chord progressions. I work with each student to figure out what will work best for you.

Instructor Bio

About Chris Riche:

  • Founding Teacher, Alpine Music Studios: 2006 - present
  • Music Teacher, Pacific Music: 1994 - 2006
  • While I began formally teaching music lessons when I was in my late twenties, I actually got my start at the age of 14 when I was assigned to teach my high school’s freshman year guitar class.

Personal Musical History / Experience

I’ve recently turned 50 and have been playing music since I was seven. Like many people who were born and raised in New Orleans, my musical education began at the family piano. In addition to owning a small-town pharmacy, my dad played and composed fun, beautiful music. Mom played several instruments including guitar, piano, and mandolin. I feel very fortunate to have also learned from four different guitar teachers and many other amazing players while I was growing up. 

There’s nothing like playing in a band to hone your skills and I've played in several over the years. Like countless other budding musicians, I started out with a few buddies jamming in our parents’ garages. At one point, some of us even toured the south playing small gigs in a cover band.

I moved to the Seattle area in 1989, where I was in a few more bands, including Big Happy and Pink Torpedoes (with Mike Lull), I've filled in for colleagues in bands including the Pop Tarts, EuroFever, and Soul Provider.

I was also featured in the November 2010 edition of One Louder Magazine.


  • 2003 – Guitar Center’s National Guitar Competition, progressed to the Semi-Finals in San Francisco
  • 1988 – I won the third annual New Orleans Guitar Competition. My instructors won the first and second competitions. As a young man, I was so proud to carry on that tradition! The prize was a BC Rich guitar, signed by Poison.


Let's Get Started!

Give me a call to talk about your interests and schedule an introductory lesson. 

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